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OUR team

Our highly qualified team consists of chemists that belong to the Ordre des Chimistes du Québec.

The validations required by this professional order give our customers added protection and solid confidence in the analyses performed in the lab.

Owner-Managers Team

Responsible for managing the customer relationship and the company's consulting services

Creative and innovative, he always finds the right way to deal with your challenges.

Hubert Marceau Director of Development

Chemist, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry

5812223232 h.marceau@phytochemia.com

Responsible for the company’s financial, human resources, health and safety management.

Conscientious and highly organized, she ensures that our laboratory always performed at its best.

Laurie Caron Administrative Director

Chemist, M. Sc. Renewable Resources, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Responsible for the company's Research & Development and lab management.

Thorough and honest, he spares no effort to deliver accurate results.

Alexis St-Gelais Scientific Director

Chemist, M. Sc. Renewable Resources, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Analytical chemists and Client Customer Team

Interpreting data and implementing analytical methods.

Versatile and rigorous, he sees to it that you always get high-quality results.

Sylvain Mercier Senior Analytical Chemist

Chemist, M. Sc. Renewable Resources, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Responsible for interpreting analysis results.

Focused and meticulous, she makes sure analyses provide high-quality results.

Sarah-Ève Tremblay Analytical Chemist

Chemist, M. Sc. A. Engineering, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Responsible for the quality control and in charge of GenoChemia activities

Efficient and meticuluous, she monitors the quality system at PhytoChemia

Lindsay Girard Scientific Specialist

Molecular biologist, B. Sc. Biology

Agente de liaison

Responsible for the scientific customer relations of essential & vegetable oils and other volatile extracts

Synthetic and emphatic, she will follow-up your requests

Corine Lormel Scientific Communications Specialist

PhD, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Responsible for the customer relations and the analyses of cannabis products

Versatile and reliable she will follow up your requests.

Rachel Fontaine Chemist

Chemist, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Technical and Lab Team

Analysis of cannabis and supervision of lab operations.

Methodical and efficient, he ensures that lab equipment is properly and regularly maintained in order to reach accurate and consistent results.

Dany Massé Laboratory Manager

Chemist, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry, DEC Analytical Chemistry,


Responsible for sample receiving and processing.

Eager and dynamic, she makes a point of processing samples according to standards.

Cindy Caron Laboratory Technician

Chemist, B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Responsible for the purchasing and the maintenance program of our equipment.

Meticulous and calm, he carefully monitors the equipment systems.

Patrice Rondeau Quality Control Technician

DEC Analytical Chemistry


Support Team

Responsible for accounts receivable and payable functions.

Energetic and helpful, she ensures that you are welcomed professionally and as a friend at PhytoChemia.

Virginie Benoist-Vidal Cherry Administrative Assistant

AEC Bilingual Accounting and Management


Responsible for the programming of our internal system

Discreet and rigorous, he sets up specific codes adapted to the team's needs

Alexandre Cox Programmer Analyst

B. Sc. Natural Products Chemistry


Associate Collaborators

Handles various research and consulting projects.

Inquisitive and creative, he is always looking to improve distillation and analysis practices.

Benoît Roger Project Manager

Ph. D. Chemistry, M. Sc. Phytoressources and Biology

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