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On Vétivè pa kon sé lé zòt là

28 October 2020

Benoit Roger, Ph. D. & Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., Chimis. Tradiksyon é adaptasyon: Corine et Patrik Lormel.   Luil ésansiyèl a vétivè (Vetiveria zizanioides, syn. Chrysopogon zizanioides) sé on luil kè nou ka rousouvwè onlo, plis kè sé lézòt la. An plis dè sa sé pi rèd la kè nou ni pou analizé.  Déja pou

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Pre-Treatments for GC-FID / MS Analyzes – The Example of Hydrosols

30 April 2020

Hydrosol obtained with Explorer (an Alchemia Solution Still) Corine Lormel, PhD Samples often contain very different molecules. In analytical laboratories, finding the instrument which will identify and quantify them is the first step. For this purpose, the chemist must ensure that the chosen method can “separate” the compounds of interest but also makes them “visible”

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Indian Patchouli : the analysis results

21 January 2020

In the past few days, we have distilled by Clevenger leaves of Pogostemon Heyneanus (Indian patchouli).  To give you a brief summary, here is the experiment in few figures:  Leaves mass : 318 g. We have used frozen leaves, and have grinded them with a mortar.   Distillation duration : 4 hours. Essential oil obtained :

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The Mystery of the Unknown Compounds in Your Essential Oils Analysis Reports.

13 December 2019

Corine Lormel, Ph.D. Some customers are surprised to see a compound named ‘’Unknown’’ in the listing of their essential oils analysis reports. Why do chemists keep them in all reports? Are they just unidentified compounds? Why don’t chemists  try to identify them? In this paper, we will try to understand what is behind the famous

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