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More than analyses, advice

The chemistry behind natural products can get rather complicated. We are committed to guiding our customers through to help them understand the data we provide by using non-technical language.


Essential Oils and other Volatile Products

Having collected data for over fifteen years, we can efficiently determine the chemical composition of volatile mixtures.

  • Essential oils
  • Perfumes
  • Plants or plant-derived fragrant products
  • Cannabis and hemp
  • e-liquids from e-cigarettes
  • Hydrosols

We use GC-FID and GC-MS methods to analyse volatile compounds.

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Quality control and Quantification of active compounds in cannabis and hemp

PhytoChemia analyzes medical cannabis and industrial hemp. We also offer scientific consulting and third-party analytical services to producers, patients and individuals of the industry.

  • Quantification of cannabinoids including THC and CBD
  • Profiling of volatile compounds including terpenes
  • Consulting services for experimental plan design and research

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Fragrances, perfumes and aromas

PhytoChemia provides state-of-the-art analytical services for fragrance, perfumes and aromas analysis within various matrices.

  • Detailed GC and GCMS analyses
  • Insights of natural extracts used in a formula
  • Extensive tracking of unknown molecules (e.g., captives)

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Vegetable oils

  • Acid, ester and saponification values
  • Quantification of one or more fatty acids
  • Peroxide value
  • Fatty acids profile

Analyses are performed by titrimetry or GC


Natural Health Product Analysis - Quantification of Active or Marker Compound

In Natural Health Product analysis, PhytoChemia applies validated analytical protocols based on literature or regulations, such as USP, European Pharmacopoeia or any other Health Canada approved monography compendium when requesting an NPN. We can also customize analytical methods that correspond to your innovative self-care products when no other suitable option exists.

  • Quantification of compounds in a vegetal extract or finished product
  • Comparison of a chemical profile with literature or a reference profile
  • Identification of a reference substance in an unknown sample

Depending on the product, these analyses can be performed either by GC or by HPLC


Comparative Studies

PhytoChemia can help you even before a product is marketed. Let us help you optimize your extraction and production methods, choose where to obtain your raw materials and maximize the effects of your products.

  • Comparison of extracts obtained from various processes
  • Geographical, climatic or seasonal variation of plant chemistry
  • Selecting suppliers according to scientific data
  • Stability and degradation of products
  • Optimization of growth methods
  • And the list of possibilities goes on…


Pre-Analysis Extractions

  • Steam distillation, hydrodistillation or Clevenger distillation for essential oils, hydrosols and cannabis
  • Solvent extraction (soxhlet, macerate, sonication) at lab-scale
  • Sample pretreatment


Pesticides, Paraben  and other Contaminants

  • Quantitative analysis carried out on up to 182 pesticides + Comparison to USP 561 for the concerned pesticides
  • Detection of parabens above a given threshold
  • Depending on requests, possibility of extending to other compounds (e. g. triclosan, BHT, phthalates…).

Consulting Services

Business ideas with plant-based products

Contacts with other professionals to suit your needs

Explanations of your analytical results and their meaning

Scientific advice on the implementation of your processes

Consulting services to market or license a natural health product with Health Canada

And the list of possibilities goes on…

Let’s tackle your challenges together

Every contract is equally important to us. We are proud to develop custom methods of analyses tailored to your innovative products.