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Essential Oils and other Volatile Products

For essential oils and other extracts composed of volatiles (absolute, CO2, perfumes etc.), vegetable oils, plant extracts we offer services adapted to your needs.

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Сannabis and Hemp

For pesticide or heavy metal assays, terpene or cannabinoid profiling, microbiology analysis, etc. Laboratoire PhytoChemia offers several services related to the chemistry of cannabis and hemp.

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PhytoChemia is the trusted partner you need to guarantee the quality of all your products containing plant-based ingredients. Our recognized expertise in phytochemistry ensures you to receive high-quality advices and services that meet your requirements in complete confidentiality.

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Rosa, Rosam, Rosae

Corine Lormel , PhD As suggested by the Latin declension of the title, this February we will look at a series of blog posts on the theme of roses. In this first post, we will start with a historical overview of the rose's botany and a summary of the main methods to...

Indian Patchouli : the analysis results

In the past few days, we have distilled by Clevenger leaves of Pogostemon Heyneanus (Indian patchouli).  To give you a brief summary, here is the experiment in few figures:  Leaves mass : 318 g. We have used frozen leaves, and have grinded them with a mortar.  ...

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