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Essential Oils and Other Volatile Products

For essential oils and other extracts comprising volatile compounds (absolute, CO2, etc.), vegetable oils, plant extracts we offer services adapted to your needs.

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Сannabis and Hemp

For pesticide or heavy metal assays, terpenes or cannabinoids profiling, microbiology analyses, etc. Laboratoire PhytoChemia offers several services related to the chemistry of cannabis and hemp.

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Fragrances and Perfumes

With the help of PhytoChemia’s extensive GC and GCMS expertise, get detailed insights about the composition of fragrances, perfumes and aromas. Our analytical services can cover a wide variety of scented matrices.

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PhytoChemia is the trusted partner you need to guarantee the quality of all your products containing plant-based ingredients. Our recognized expertise in phytochemistry ensures you to receive high-quality advices and services that meet your requirements in complete confidentiality.

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Heavy metals in cosmetics: Canadian guidance

Alexis St-Gelais, chimiste & Patrice Rondeau, technicien - Popularization Do you manufacture cosmetic products to be sold in Canada? If so, you should comply with Canadian guidelines for heavy metal impurities in such products, for which PhytoChemia can assist you...

Optical rotation: application to oils analysis

Alexis St-Gelais, chimiste & Cindy Caron, chimiste - Popularization Have you ever heard of the term optical rotation or seen it on a certificate of analysis, and wondered what was its purpose? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place to learn more about...

Vetiver atipikal

Benoit Roger, Ph. D. & Alexis St-Gelais, M. Sc., Chimis. Translation : Ria Mayriana   Vetiver(Vetiveria zizanioides, syn. Chrysopogon zizanioides) adalah salah satu minyak esensial yang paling sering kami terima untuk analisis. Ini juga salah satu minyak yang...

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