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Interested in Fragrances, Perfumes and Aromas Composition?

Thanks to its extensive gas chromatographic (GC) and mass spectrometry (GCMS) testing experience, PhytoChemia can provide you with state-of-the-art analyses for your fragrant samples.

Our chemical profile analysis can give you detailed insights about the ingredients found in a given formula, greatly speeding up your learning of fragrances and narrowing down your attempts at formula matching.

Finally find out what lies within your samples.

Highly Detailed Analysis

Not only will your samples benefit from comparison to our ever-expanding mass spectral (GCMS) databases comprising thousands of molecules, drawn from hundreds of different essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and fine fragrances. You will also take advantage of our dual-column GC-FID analyses – using this setup, the vast majority of coelutions can effectively be resolved, giving you a clean list of compounds percentages. GC-FID also had the added bonus of giving you a more accurate breakdown of the formula compared to GCMS alone.

Insights about natural ingredients

With our years of experience in the field of volatile compounds, we will give you any cue we have as to which natural ingredients, like essential oils and absolutes, could have been used in the making of your sample. We can provide you with raw interpreted data in CSV format upon request, which makes it easy for you to sort and compare your samples.

Put us to the test.


 There are many ways in which fragrances can be conveyed! Here is a glimpse of what PhytoChemia can do for various matrices – and if you happen to be working with something different, be sure to reach out so we can discuss what we can do for your application.

Fine perfumes, toilet waters (eaux de toilette), colognes, alcoholic aftershaves – all these can be readily analyzed by GC and GCMS by PhytoChemia and will yield detailed results.

Our report will feature the percentage of total GC signal represented by ethanol. The rest of the report describes only the fragrance fraction, giving percentages for the molecules found after discounting any ethanol and water.

Bases, specialties and fragrance oils (as well as essential oils!) are undiluted ingredients that come in very handy for fragrances formulation. They all lend well to detailed compositional analysis, but care must be taken not to saturate the detector with these concentrated products. Simply let us know whenever you know or believe your sample may be free of a carrier and we will adjust our method accordingly to deliver you the most accurate results.


Fragrances and aromas carried into a high proportion of water require particular sample pre-treatment before qualifying for GC and GCMS analysis. Using proper liquid-liquid extraction techniques, we can analyze those samples and give you concentrations of individual molecules in mg/L or mg/g.

Vegetable oils and fats make for great carriers of fragrances, which are generally lipophilic in nature. Sample pretreatment is required to remove most of the fat material before proceeding with GC and GCMS analyses. We then can report the concentrations of individual constituents of the oil in mg/g.

Scented candles are a popular vehicle for home fragrances. We can extract the volatile molecules from the wax matrix and give you the concentration of individual molecules in mg/g, which makes it easier for your to figure out how generous the candle-maker was in incorporating the fragrance!

There are so many different ways in which fragrances may be conveyed that we cannot list them all. Simply contact us to tell us about your current challenge and we will examine how we can be of assistance.

Just in case… You might want to ensure that the product you are considering for purchase in bulk is free of hazardous solvents. We can help you by detecting the presence of unwanted solvents traces.

The method is based on the USP 467 standard.

Full Tracking of Unknown Peaks

Captives, impurities and new chemicals are bound to be found regularly in fragrances. PhytoChemia has been systematically compiling unknown compounds for years and years, which allows for easy comparison of samples and observation of correlations. We give you mass spectral (GCMS) information to track those unknowns and can notify you if we come up with an identification later on.


Fragrances may not be the only products of interest to you. The good news is, PhytoChemia can assist you with other frequently associated products as well.

Whether you also market absolutes, hydrosols and floral waters, essential oils, CO2 extracts, blends, carrier oils, cosmetics, veterinary products, herbal supplements or extracts, we have something in store for you.


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