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Do you Distill, Distribute or Sell Essential oils?

There are some pitfalls to avoid in this field and counting on the services of a reliable and reputable third-party, ISO 17 025 accredited laboratory is a great way to control the risks.

Routine quality control of your batches is pivotal to establishing your credibility in the world of essential oils. Here are some key advantages of dealing with PhytoChemia’s experimented team for your quality control.

The time has come to shed light on your samples.

Covering the Basics

Gas chromatographic (GC) profile of your essential oil is the staple analysis you need for all of your batches. It can also be referred to as GC-FID or GC-MSAll those basically all refers to the same type of test. A GC profile of your essential oil is the basic expectation of all serious players in aromatherapy, flavour and fragrance and food and beverages.

ISO Accreditation and Compliance

PhytoChemia is ISO 17025 accredited for its GC assay, which warrants the credibility of the results to third parties (including Amazon!). Our results can therefore also be fully compatible with existing ISO specifications for essential oils, as well as with similar specifications.

Whether your sell in your shop, online, on Amazon or at your farm, these standards are widely recognized and trusted.


We got you covered!

Going further with your results

We can also help you go above and beyond. Depending on your needs, branding and concerns, several complementary services can be useful, from physicochemical parameters to impurities testing and oxidative degradation without forgetting MSDS preparation .


Even with organic essential oils, some volatile pesticide residues are often present in many essential oils. They are co-distilled along the essential oil during the processing of the plant material.

Stay aware of what lies in your oil and make sure that the pesticide residue levels remain in check thanks to our powerful GC-MS/MS pesticides screening taking fully into account the effect of matrix on the results.

The test covers over 180 pesticide residues and the quantification of residues allows for comparison with USP 561 standard. Knowledge of the presence and recurrence of pesticides in your essential oils is critical in assessing a reasonable degree of tolerance to residue levels and to sort through suppliers and sources.


Ensure the quality and safety of your samples by measuring the presence via ICP-MS of several heavy metals that can be harmful for human consumption in your essential oils. The following metals will be analyzed:

  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Arsenic (As)
  • Mercury (Hg)

Ensure the quality of your oil by detecting the presence of solvents  traces.

The method is based on the USP 467 standard.

Make sure you keep an eye on aging oils, especially if they have been sitting on the shelf for a long time or have been improperly stored.

Peroxide or acid values are titrimetric methods that give indications on the state of aging of an oil.

Polarimeter / polarimètre

This physico-chemical parameter allows you to control the optical activity of your sample.

You can compare the optical rotation value to international standards or to your internal specifications.



Sorting through suppliers can be difficult without assistance.

By working with PhytoChemia to test batches before purchasing and qualify your sources, you can ensure that your suppliers can be trusted and provide you with products that you can confidently endorse as yours.


Once you build your brand, you need batch-to-batch consistency.

Our testing services can help you monitor and control variability between batches and suppliers so that you can offer consistent products to your customers.

We can, free of charge, compare your results to any in-house list of specifications you would want your products to match and provide insights into your results whenever you have questions.


Posting third-party analysis reports on your website goes a long way to tell how serious you are about your brand.

Provided a simple email request, we can grant you permanent permission to post all of your reports to your website as part of your products marketing strategy.


The international trade of essential oils is a fast-moving business. That one batch you need tested before purchasing may not be available for long on the market.

PhytoChemia offers a wide range of rush options that can accommodate your need for the quickest turnarounds, which can be even less than 24 h!


PhytoChemia is not affiliated with any essential oil producer, distributor, or reseller, and therefore reaches its conclusions on a truly independent and objective basis.

You can be sure that our observations are not biased by underlying commercial interests


Essential oils may not be the only products you sell. The good news is, PhytoChemia can assist you with other frequently associated products as well.

Whether you also market absolutes, hydrosols and floral waters, CO2 extracts, blends, carrier oils, fragrances, cosmetics, veterinary products, herbal supplements or herbal supplements and extracts, we have something in store for you.


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