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Alexis St-Gelais, Ph. D., chimiste – Popularization

We are regularly contacted by natural extracts producers for assistance with technical sheet (TS) preparation, especially for the European territory. We can understand the reflex of contacting a laboratory to have this kind of document prepared, but the truth is YOU are in the best position to do it!

In a nutshell, the technical sheet lists features of a given product of yours, which then is helpful to present them to your customer. You can see that as part of a catalogue, where you advertise your product and its main features. The content of a technical sheet is essentially comprised of data that is publicly available, and of information that you are in the best position to describe for your own organization like certifications, suggested uses and availability over the year.

To help you quickly get to the point, we therefore offer you a free technical sheet template* with useful links to find the required public data. With this tool, you can smoothly fill-in the fields and prepare your own technical sheet within minutes. We also have a filled-in example to help you visualize the end result. If you need more guidance, you can refer to this thorough blogpost on technical sheet content.

*If the download does not launch upon clicking on the link, copy/paste this URL to your broswer: https://phytochemia.com/documents/Technical_sheet_template.docx

The services of a laboratory like PhytoChemia are helpful to obtain Certificates of Analysis that will demonstrate compliance of a given batch with the parameters your list under the Specifications – Physical & Chemical Properties header. But for the preparation of the technical sheet itself, do not hesitate: you can save time and money by preparing it yourself.

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