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In the past few days, we have distilled by Clevenger leaves of Pogostemon Heyneanus (Indian patchouli). 

To give you a brief summary, here is the experiment in few figures: 

  • Leaves mass : 318 g. We have used frozen leaves, and have grinded them with a mortar.  
  • Distillation duration : 4 hours.
  • Essential oil obtained : 0.5 mL
  • Yield : 0.16%

And today we are happy to present you the GC analysis results: Pogostemon heyneanus report.

Concluding remarks : According to our chemist, Pogostemon heyneanus and Pogostemon cablin, the true patchouli, have a quite different composition. 

The most remarkable difference is the presence of acetophenone in the indian Patchouli. It gives a pugent odor far from the true patchouli. 

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