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Laurie Caron, M.Sc. Chimiste

In collaboration with Biopterre, the Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale and the University of Moncton, Phytochemia is proud to present a new research project on the identification of the pests ans diseases affecting the production of cannabis and hemp in Canada. 

The main objective of this project is to generate the first inventory of pests and diseases affecting Cannabis crops in Canada. This inventory will provide tools for producers and agronomists to identify pests and diseases in Cannabis production facilities. And a second step, will improve integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.

In order to realize this project, we are looking for licensed and other authorized producers who would like to get the identity of the pests and diseases in their production.

Plant sample analyses are anonymous and free of charge.

For more information or to send your samples for analysis, please contact : agathe.vialle@biopterre.com

For more details : PestsandDiseases_EN.docx (1)

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