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Since we obtained our Canadian licence to analyse medical marijuana, we connected to the businesses of this world. As with everything, news travel fast, and finding reliable references in this industry is not always an easy thing.

Some companies like LiftCannabis stand out more than others. Lift has a high presence in the social media and manage an interactive blog with a wide panel of contributors who are well-known in the industry. They write about various topics such as news on licensed producers, dispensaries, industries, patients, regulations, laws, etc. For this reason, I wanted to introduce you to this enterprise today on PhytoChemia’s blog.

LiftCannabis is a canadian company from Vancouver, (BC) and I had the chance to discuss with David Brown, their communications director and I asked him some questions :

Which are the reasons why Liftcannabis has started ?

“In 2013, when Health Canada began to formulate and implement its new regulations surrounding how Canadians access medical marijuana, it became clear to us that there was both misinformation and a dearth of accurate and useful information about the program (known as the MMPR), how it worked, who the producers were, etc.  So, we started Lift first and foremost as an information portal for Canadians looking to learn about medical marijuana and how to access it legally in Canada. Since then, Lift has grown into much more thanks to the participation from both patients and industry.”

What kind of services do you offer ? Are they only for people who lives in BC or available to other provinces ? 

“Because Health Canada’s program is a federal one, our website offers a variety of information and services to all Canadians (although it’s presently only in English). We assist Canadians with learning about the benefits of medical marijuana and how to access the program.  We have listings of doctors from across Canada who are open to discussing medical marijuana as an option, and we also have detailed information about each Licensed Producer and their products. Furthermore, we have Canada’s largest database of legal medical marijuana strains and patient-generated reviews. In fact, we just recently logged our 1000th strain review. These are all real reviews left by real Canadian patients, and so they’re extremely helpful to all those who are searching for strains and trying to find the right one for their medical condition.”

In May, Liftcannabis has organized a forum in Vancouver on medical cannabis. What was the main purpose of this event ? What kind of audience participated to this forum ?

“The purpose of our inaugural Lift Cannabis Forum in Vancouver this past May was to bring together different sectors of the medical marijuana industry to have an open and respectful conversation about what the future of cannabis regulation and standardization could look like in Canada. The audience was as diverse as our panel and included licensed producers, dispensary operators, home-growers, patients, doctors, lawyers, activists, and philanthropists.  It was really so rewarding to see the broad spectrum of Canadians being represented in that room, and hearing the opinions of everyone on how to work together to make this industry better for everyone.”

In your blog, why did you include posts on research, quality control and science ?

“While it’s far from perfect yet, Canada’s federal medical marijuana program is the most advanced in the world in terms of regulation, standardization, and testing, and we feel sharing information about these aspects of the program is important. Patients can come to trust the sources and production methods of the medicine they consume, those perhaps sceptical of medical marijuana in general can get insight into how seriously regulated and strict the Canadian industry is, and those from other countries can take cues when establishing their own programs.”

Do you plan any events in the next months?

“We have our second Lift Cannabis Forum scheduled for July 20 in Toronto.  It will once again feature a panel discussion, this time focusing largely on issues surrounding recent colleges of physicians guidelines and recommendations for doctors, the issue of marijuana ‘clinics’ as an avenue for access, the patient experience inside the MMPR, as well as looking at ways the MMPR could be refined to reflect changes to current pharmaceutical-grade standards.  More information and tickets can be found here: http://forum.liftcannabis.ca/toronto2015/ “

Website : http://liftcannabis.ca/
Blog : http://blog.liftcannabis.ca/
You can find Lift on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also.

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