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Activities and Events

The Cannabinoids: Beyond THC – A poster

30 April 2015

Hubert Marceau, M. Sc., chimiste PhytoChemia is proud to present the cannabinoids family (in the convenient form of a poster that you can put on your wall). This magnificient work of art was made in collaboration with Marianne Parent from Pixel M Design. This poster is a curated list of the structures of all known cannabinoids

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Activities and Events

License for analysis medical marijuana/cannabis for Canadian producers – License delivered by Health Canada.

27 April 2015

Laurie Caron, Chemist, M. Sc. – News and events  Recently, Laboratoire PhytoChemia has received its license for the analysis of medical cannabis from Health Canada. We offer to producers scientific consulting and third party analytical services. We offer HPLC and GC determination for cannabinoids (THC/CBD and their acidic form), quantification of heavy metals, pesticides, bacterial

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Aromatherapy: Is it easy to know if essential oils are safe ?

20 April 2015

Laurie Caron, chemist, M.Sc. – Popularization  In the last few weeks, I saw many discussions on LinkedIn/Facebook groups about aromatherapy. Some people seem to be highly concerned by this subject and they want to know how to use essential oils safely. So, I asked myself what was my knowledge about this topic? First of all,

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