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Laurie Caron – Discoveries

By chance last week, I made the discovery on the web from a Quebec company that specializes in the sale of native wild plants in Quebec. These Horticulture Indigo.

Since 1994, they specialize in the production of native plants of Quebec and have to their credit over 250 species of seeds and plants. This organization aims mainly markets of ornamental horticulture, but also the ecological restoration of disturbed natural environments and the development of green roofs.

This horticultural company separate from the other due to its innovative range of produce specifically from our boreal forest plants, but also by its values of protecting the environment and maintaining the diversity of these plants. This organization does not just sell these plants, it ensures a sustainable and responsible development of this market, and by establishing sound practices for nursery culture for this kind of plant.

I find it particularly interesting to use plants from the surrounding environment for ornamental horticulture, because these plants are naturally already adapted to the climate and temperature of our territory. In addition, the increase in their use will prevent the importation of plant from the rest of the world that sometimes become known invasive species. As an example, I cite the case of the Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) which is increasingly a major contributor to the province-wide problem.

In closing, it is important not to forget that plants from the boreal forest represents an impressive potential for biological activity. What’s better than to have flowerbed plants that can relieve your headache in addition to being visually aesthetic?

Now it’s up to you to judge!

For more information about Horticulture Indigo (Informations are in french):
Website: http://www.horticulture-indigo.com/index.php

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Horticulture-Indigo/102733676439397

Blog: http://blog.horticulture-indigo.com/


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