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Laboratoire PhytoChemia emits most of its reports as electronic documents. A printed and manually signed version of your reports is available upon request. However, your PDFs can now have the same legal value as paper thanks to a digital signature system.

As of July 2014, all of the PDF reports from Laboratoire PhytoChemia will bear an encrypted digital signature. As far as appearance is concerned, you will see a signature image which seemingly has no particular characteristic. Two things have changed, however.

First, PDFs are now created under the PDF/A-1b protocol. This ensures their integrity, including in the future, according to current ISO standards. Thus, the report will look the same regardless of the software used to browse it, and can still be read in several years with more recent versions. Using Adobe Reader, a statement that the file claims compliance with the PDF/A standard and was opened as read-only to prevent changes will appear upon opening our reports. This is our guarantee (and yours) against alteration of your reports.

Second, it is now possible to click on the signature. This will give you the status of validation of the signature. By clicking on “Properties”, a statement of validity becomes available. It certifies that the document has not been altered since it was signed, and tells you who signed it and when he did. You can visualise the certificate of authenticity of the signatory, backed by the Centre de certification du Québec.

Important note: The signature will be identified as “Unknown” on your computer the first time you will open a report. You need to modify the settings of your PDF browsing software in order to be properly able to validate the signature. Follow the guide is here. These guides are provided by Notarius, which takes care of our validation system.

For any question or comment, do not hesitate to contact us at info@phytochemia.com. Any suggestion that can help us to improve and optimize our reports to better suit your needs is welcome!

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